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What's the lesson? Your thoughts?

I need your help.

This song (3:04-listen) was a hit when I was nine. "I'll Never Find Another You" reached number one on the British charts when The Beatles were at the peak of their powers.

My older sister, Jackie, liked The Seekers. I have a vague memory of Aussie group. I remember liking their name. The Seekers. That's cool.

A couple of years ago, I was listening to oldies on YouTube, and the original "I'll Never Find Another You" was in the Autoplay queue. I Googled the group primarily because I was mesmerized by the lead singer's voice.

"There is always someone for each of us, they say..."

Turns out, I'm not alone. Judith Durham is thought by some to have one of the great pop music voices ever. (2-minute read)

After watching the young Seekers perform in that ahead-of-its-time music video, I came across this one (2:48-listen).

It makes me happy, but it makes me sad. I have so many feeling about it that there has to be a lesson, right?

But I'm not sure what it is.

Is it a sad lesson about how we all grow old, fade from our primes and our bodies change?

Or is it a happy story about how even when we're older we retain some of our gifts?

Or is there something else? You tell me.


I have another favor to ask. Amanda and I are getting closer to finally finishing The Meet-up Journal. (We had to rework a lot of it because of the pandemic.) One thing we've been thinking a lot about is making and maintaining friends online. We have a lot of questions regarding this relatively new phenomenon.

Will you please help us by answering the questions on this survey that Amanda created? It will only take a couple of minutes. Assuming you do, thank you!!!


If you find value in this or any of our Meet-up Journal posts, will you please consider sharing and reposting?

Thank you.

-- Jaime

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