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Smart Advice

Immerse for 20 minutes into the world of Virginia Commonwealth University basketball coach, Shaka Smart. Whether or not you care about basketball and "March Madness" (Smart and VCU open against Stephen F. Austin on Friday in San Diego), there is so much to learn from this man who is the epitome of "role model."

My favorite "Smart lessons"

1. His definition of success as "evolving." How we define our success today will probably be different in a year and will certainly be different in 10 years.

2. His advice to be more "present" with people (one of my major weaknesses). Smart reminded me of a quote my student, Jen Li, recently shared with me. (The Universe has a way of letting us know, in multiple ways, what we need to learn.)

"Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence." – British philosopher Alan Watts

Please share with me what you learn from Coach Smart.

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