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Progressive Education

It Is Time to Evolve to Progressive Education.

Are you looking for ideas to improve your ability as an educator or as a parent teacher? Check out Jaime Richards' educational blog about progressive education. Jaime Richards has decades of experience as an educator of students of all ages, as a coach, as a writer, and as a leader. He has studied his students, his assigned curriculum and its changes over the years, and the curriculum of other educational systems. He has compiled some of what he has learned into a book that describes clearly much of what is missing in today's educational system.

“Boring, irrelevant, and useless” are bold words to describe much of what is taught in today's classrooms but bold words are needed to bring about change and that is exactly what author Jaime Richards is doing. He does not make these claims without offering a solution. His book Missing Pieces 52 Vital Lessons Our Kids Should Be Learning at School clearly lays out lessons today's kids should be receiving if they are to have a complete and quality education.

Thinking outside the books and curriculum is what can make a teacher stand out. There are many resources for teachers and parent teachers who want to improve their ability to teach their assigned topics, and these resources are vital. But what about those missing pieces? Those parts of the human experience that are either glossed over or not covered at all in an educational setting. Check out Jaime Richards' new book to learn more about these missing parts of the educational system and how to improve your classroom with the lessons today. Educators and parent teachers alike can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that are inside his blogs and books. 

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