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Who am I?

Jaime Richards. husband. father. grandfather (Gaddy!) teacher. writer. conversationalist. group gatherer. “education entrepreneur.”

What have I done?

For 32 years, I taught and coached elementary, middle, high school, college and adult school students. 

Why should you listen to me?

I haven’t just taught. I’ve studied my students. Why are some successful? Why are some not? What works in education? What does not? And what do our kids most need to learn during their evanescent time in the classroom that they’re not being taught? What are education’s missing pieces?

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Jaime is available to speak to your employees, school group, youth group, organization or at your special event.

Do you want your kids to be happier? More successful? Have more direction? Do you wonder what they're going to do with their lives? Do they? After spending his career studying successful students (and adults), he understands why not all lives are equal. Some people live better, happier, more successful, more rewarding and more complete lives. They've learned how to live correctly. "Major in success" and listen as Jaime shares what it takes...

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Mr. Richards is one of the most motivational and inspirational teachers that I have ever had, traits which definitely carry over into every aspect of his life and the lives of those he mentors. He encouraged and inspired me to go above and beyond what I thought was my limit, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


—Cynthia Jiang, USC class of 2018

Jaime Richards personifies care and enlightenment as a teacher, speaker, and person. He imparts knowledge in a fun manner to all he encounters. You will be inspired, impressed and better off for knowing and hearing Jaime Richards speak. I know that because Mr. Richards was my teacher! 


– Roman Reed, Founder and CEO Sacred Cells Research Partners, LLC.

I will never forget the first time I walked into Mr. Richards’ classroom as a senior in high school, he played us a clip from The Karate Kid where Daniel is taught that just because he doesn’t understand the method of teaching, doesn’t mean he isn’t learning anything at all. Mr. Richards told us to trust him and his methods/approach. As a student, I gained so much that year. He is an incredibly passionate speaker, addressing difficult topics in a creative way which not only explains the same, but inspires us to develop our own thoughts about the same. He is truly one of the most gifted and compassionate people I know.

—Dr. Nimi Jayachandran, Medical Journalist

Jaime Richards was our guest speaker for our annual Graduation and Scholarship luncheon this year. He was excellent. He has the unique ability to capture his audience's interests. His speech was very well received by graduates and family.

—Frank Nakasako, Fremont, JACL

(Japanese American Citizen's League)

Jaime Richards is worth listening to and learning from. He always has something important to say and a passion for teaching unlike anyone I’ve known. The lessons he taught me nearly 14 years ago are still relevant, and I think of them often. I have always valued the things he has to say and now that I have children of my own, I hope to pass on as much of his life lessons as I can. The world needs more people like Jaime Richards. He is truly an inspiration for success.


—Sidney Sin, Emcee & Producer (AKA Shawn Roybal, Mother of Twins)

You know that ONE TEACHER who actually made class something to look forward to? The one who educated you not only in the subject, but also inspired you to become a great person? Mr. Richards is all that and more. He is passionate about his students "majoring in success"—something I still strive to do daily! It is a privilege to learn from such an inspiring, engaging, and just all-around wonderful teacher. 


– Zoe Lu, Good Foundation Academy (3rd grade), Ogden, UT

Jaime taught me many lessons in life that I continue to think about and apply every day. He helped me to free my mind from negative thoughts and learn that my ideas and work have value. His enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is unmatched and I am thankful to have called him a mentor.

—Sterling Stovall, Art Director

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