The Missing Pieces Podcast #10

Aatash updates the status of the 37.8 Latitude Charter High School and Jaime shares his idea - and frustrations - with his assignment "Research anything you want." #podcast

Diminishing Influence, Haunting Loneliness, Becoming Invisible and the Hardest Part of Being a Teac

The last time I couldn't sleep, I didn't count sheep. I counted years. My teacher years. Since this is my 32nd year in the classroom, it took a while, but I surprised myself by remembering all of them. The memories were so hauntingly vivid that they kept me awake. Saddened by the evanescence of connections, particularly teacher-student ones, I lied there wondering why relationships evaporate. Perhaps only teachers understand the exceptionality of the friendships forged in classrooms. At the start of a typical year, teachers teach strangers. Nine months later, after our lives are shared, we’re family. Well, not all of us. I wish I connected with every kid, but I don't. This used to torment me