Why We Fear Greatness

If our deepest fear is to be "powerful beyond measure," (as Marianne Williamson asserts), the obvious question is, Why would anyone fear their own power? Don't we all want to be powerful and great? No. No, because once we recognize that we have the potential to be a potent force in the Universe, we also realize that any attempt at achieving something magnificent means we could fail. And, because failure is perceived by most as sucking, we avoid activities that might cause disappointment, embarrassment, frustration and/or pain. if we succeed, people will be jealous and not like us, and we like to be liked. there will be expectation pressure. Great people are supposed to be great all the time.


Earn your platform. I knew that before I could coach basketball, I better be able to PLAY basketball. If I could play, I’d have a platform. A platform from which to speak. A platform on which I could stand and be noticed. A platform that would earn me attention – and my players’ respect. I had mixed success with that. I coach basketball, but I never became a basketball coach… Roz Savage is the only woman to ever row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. (How do people even conceive these mind-boggling aspirations?) Why – never mind how – does she do it? Maybe it’s the challenge. Maybe it’s the thrill. Maybe it’s because of what it teaches her. “There’s nothing like 20 fo