Learning from LeBron

Majoring in Success http://www.foxsportsflorida.com/03/01/12/LeBron-finds-big-brother-in-Hakeem-Olaju/landing_heat.html?blockID=678080


My wife went out to eat (Mexican) with two close friends. Because of her post carpal tunnel surgery meds, she couldn't have a margarita. (Alcohol was a no no.) So her friends, Adrienne and Sherry, refused to order margaritas for themselves. Not many people think that way, right?


Early on a Sunday evening, I went to the park. Well, Kihei dragged me there. She loves looking for new sticks. She gets so excited when we find one and I fling it. She chases after it with such fervor that I worry about her. She breathes sooooo hard. Too hard, I think. Frenchies have issues with their breathing. We were alone in the park (not unusual for a Sunday evening) except for a teenage boy who was practicing kicking his soccer ball. A tall fence was his goal. It brought back memories. Forty years ago, I was that kid (except that for me, it was a basketball). Alone on a Sunday night, working on a passion that, ultimately, would lead to the disappointment of realizing that I wasn’t good


If you read "Tears on Mission Peak" I'll think you'll like and appreciate this message I received from Lenore: Hi Jaime, My name is Lenore and I just wanted to thank you for not only being such an inspiring teacher but an amazing person as well. My friend (and one of your former students) has spoken very highly of you and invited me to do the Mission Peak hike with her this year. She showed me the article you wrote on your website "Tears on Mission Peak." Maybe it's a coincidence but I think you wrote it about me. I've always doubted myself all my life. I have also struggled with my weight all my life. After having my son and having numerous health issues, I decided that I finally needed to

My favorite politician…

I know it's 43 minutes long, but it's worth it to immerse yourself in Cory Booker's Stanford commencement speech. He's my favorite politician. Someday, I hope to meet him. If he doesn't inspire you, you probably can't be inspired.