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Jaime Richards Biography

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In 2008, Amanda Fung was an 11th grade student in Jaime Richards’ (Mr. Richards’) U.S. History class. One of the class requirements was to design a “commonplace book” – a written and illustrated notebook that depicted the most important lessons learned throughout the school year. 


Amanda’s commonplace book was extraordinary - remarkably creative and exceptionally detailed. Mr. Richards gave her an A+ but considered that grade unfairly low! During her senior year, Amanda was enrolled in Richards’ government/economics class where she produced another fabulous commonplace book. Additionally, she was his T.A. (teacher assistant). 


A strong and lasting friendship between the T.A. and the teacher formed. A decade after meeting, they agreed to collaborate on The Meet-up Journal – an evolved commonplace book. 


Jaime and Amanda strongly believe in the magic of conversational meetups, which they still regularly have with each other.

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Amanda Fung (Artist and Designer)

A Bay Area native and UCLA alumna, Amanda Fung has a background in design and probably too many interests (book arts, drawing, baking, papercrafting, snacking, to name a few). She currently resides in Los Angeles, having changed career paths and is now studying to break into the animation industry as either a storyboard or background artist. Her style tends toward a colorful, cute and clean look, as she believes life is most worth living when we cultivate happiness through small moments of joy and humor. 

Jaime Richards (Teacher and Writer)

For over three decades, educator and coach Jaime Richards (Coca-Cola Scholars Educator of Distinction & Yale Educator Award recipient) has been respected and treasured by his elementary, junior high, high school and adult students. His popular "What It Takes" column appeared in Bay Area newspapers for a dozen years. The black belt, triathlete, former television host, founder of the Kefi Organization, and father to two proud daughters lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his first grade teacher wife.

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